Ballerinas and Butterflies


on exhibit September 9 – 30

Photographer David Wonderling exposes both the beauty of nature and determined skill in this exhibit.

Wonderling invites his audience to study the juxtaposition between the graceful beauty of nature’s butterflies and the similar exquisite grace of a ballerina’s training, dedication, and determination.

Having photographed a variety of subjects, Wonderling felt these two were his most challenging projects. Neither butterflies nor ballerinas hold still for long!

The images of ballerinas featured in his exhibit were captured at the Studio of Ballet Arts in Sandy Spring and the butterflies at the Wings of Fancy exhibit at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton.

The opening reception will be on September 9 from 2-4 pm with a talk on butterfly habitats starting at 4 pm.

Celebrating our Neighborhoods

Malcolm Capontti

On exhibit August 2 to September 2, 2017

For many years, Sandy Spring Museum and the Olney Art Association have worked together to offer visitors new views of the surrounding area.  In this year’s theme, “Celebrating Our Neighborhoods,” each artist has strived to capture that special something in our neighborhood, loosely defined as the 6-mile radius stemming from the Sandy Spring Meeting House – that gives him or her cause to celebrate.

With an exhibit of over 40 original works of art by members of the Olney Art Association in multiple media, they celebrate the everyday life in these communities – Ashton, Brighton, Brinklow, Brookeville, Burtonsville, Cloverly, Ednor, Norbeck, Norwood, Oakdale, Olney, Sandy Spring, Spencerville, Sunshine, Roslyn, Tridelphia and Unity.

A Meet the Artist reception will be held on Thursday, August 3, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

ARTINA 2017: (Re)use and Abuse of the Land

Marc robarge shelf lichen

on exhibit June 29 – September- 30, 2017

Wind your way through a sculpture park of original works of art situated on the museum’s rustic grounds.  ARTINA 2017 creates awareness among visitors of the need to reconnect with the land and preserve nature for future generations. It includes installations that interpret historic land use.

Juried by Ursula Achternkamp, artists include c.l. bigelow, Elsabé Dixon, Mary Annella “Mimi” Frank, Eve Hennessa, Martha Jackson Jarvis, Jin Lee, Cat Lukens, Raina Martens, Grant McFarland, Maryanne Pollock, Marc Robarge, Casey Snyder, and Diane Szczepaniak.  Take a free art class with three of the artists: Diane; Marc; or Maryanne.

ARTINA 2017 is the second collaboration between Sandy Spring Museum and Washington Sculptors Group.  This project is funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Elegant Simplicity: Artists’ views of the Sandy Spring Friends Meeting House

Potential Postcard Image Meeting House Drawing by Weske

on exhibit June 29 through July 29.  Reception on Saturday, July 8 from 3 – 5 pm.

A community-curated exhibit that brings together a collection of  historic and contemporary images of the Friends Meeting House, as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the construction of the Meeting House.  This place of worship has captured the attention of artists, from professionals to amateurs.  Images in this show include painting, photographs and models made by community members.  This beautiful building has been enjoyed for its simple beauty and we honor it for its part in the life of our community.

Palimpsest: Layers of Time


on exhibit April 1 – July 29, 2017

An exhibit of new photo-collages by Gail Rebhan that are an unsentimental look at the cultural history of various locations in the Sandy Spring, Maryland area. Ms. Rebhan examines changes in land use as a result of shifting societal values, desires, government actions, and market forces and blending archival and contemporary photographs, along with historical newspaper articles, maps, advertisements, ephemera, and text into one final image for each site. Using layers of various opacities, she conveys a sense that the past never goes away and continues to influence the present.

The image depicted here, “18035 Georgia Avenue, Olney, Maryland – 1917/2016,” explores the evolution of a family business that operated from 1885 to 2004. Beginning as Finneyfrock’s blacksmith shop, it evolved into Finneyfrock’s Power Equipment and Welding Company. Currently, Domino’s Pizza and Al Sospiro Trattoria operate at this location. This photo-collage blends a 1917 photograph with today’s scene. The artist’s writing, a handmade cake dish, 1956 receipt, 1999 advertisement, and a 1967 patent document provides evidence of the site’s changing uses.  Click here for a review of the exhibit.  This project was funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.