Ordering Seeds for Summer & Winter Bird-Feeding

Ordering Seeds for Summer

In the Garden Club Mary Dominique wears many hats, including overseeing the growing of seedlings that are sold at the museum’s annual Strawberry Festival. She selects seeds and manages the plantings at a local high school greenhouse.

In recent years she has been ordering seeds from Seeds ‘n Such, and Pinetree Super Seeds. She sometimes also orders from  Jung Seeds, Park Seeds, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Pinetree has varieties that are harder to find, like Zucchette Rampicate, a prolific, sprawling zucchini that is less susceptible to the squash borer.  Johnny’s has a wonderful selection of seeds.  Baker Creek and Southern Exposure have nice heirloom seeds.

The new seeds Mary is most interested in acquiring this year are: Zinnia profusion ‘Red Yellow Bicolor’, ‘Autumn Frost’ hybrid squash, ‘Snak Hero’ peas, ‘Green Light’ cucumber, and ‘Echalion Creme Brulee’ shallots.  They are All American Selection winners for 2021.

Mary suggests getting together with other gardening friends to place an order, sharing packets of seeds and shipping costs.  With last year’s heightened interest in home gardens, it is suggested to place orders soon.

Snak Hero Peas
Green Light Cucumber
Autumn Frost Hybrid Squash
Echalion Creme Brulee

At All American Selections you will find even more ideas for your 2021 gardens, including these beautiful perennial plants:

Penstemon Arabesque Red
Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Birdy
Celosia Kelos Candela Pink

PennState Extension has also reviewed new perennials and trees and shrubs for 2021.

Helleboro Golden Lotus
New England Aster Pink Crush
Redbud Flame Thrower

Winter Bird-Feeding

The Audubon has a guide for feeding birds in the winter, explaining the right combination of feeder and food to provide a refuge for birds and a stage for watching their colorful antics.

Here is a fun project to make –  a Bird Seed Wreath made in a bundt pan.

The kids will enjoy making this bird feeder from a recycled water bottle and wooden spoons.

February Garden Chores

The  UMD Home and Garden Information Center has plenty of February Tips and Tasks for outside garden tasks as well as caring for your indoor plants.  Here are few more ideas:    

Get your hand tools sharpened.  Here are some local places:

Christopher’s Hardware                           Ron Berman’s  Sharpening
500 Olney-Sandy Spring Road                4000 Shallow Brook Lane, Olney, MD
301-570-1300                                           301-648-4615

As we huddle indoors this winter, it is great to see that the US Botanic Garden has videos of the gardens in summer and inside the arboretum. There are also online events such as cooking demonstrations and yoga classes.

The Beauty of Winter


The Promise of Spring