Derek’s Picks May 2020

Scrapbook: Mary Bentley Thomas, 1845-1923

2008.0028.0001 Scrapbook, Mary Bentley Thomas

This scrapbook is one person’s view of the Sandy Spring Community and the Nation, consisting of periodicals, photographs, and letters clipped from various sources.  Mary Bentley Thomas was a pioneer in the Local, State, and National Women’s Suffrage Movement and her scrapbook is chockful of articles written by her and other notables of the time, including Susan B. Anthony.  Mary Bentley Thomas lived at the Belmont Farm (Ednor) with her family.  The farmhouse and structures no longer exist but my house was built on part of the Belmont tract, less than 100 yards from where she lived!

Sara’s Picks May 2020

Autograph Album- Jessie B. Stabler, 1881

1982.0086.0102 Autograph Album, Jessie Stabler

This is a little book of signatures, some with dates and/or locations. I like this item because it is a bit like a school yearbook, where one could have their friends sign their names and leave a little message. Also, the variety of signatures and handwriting styles are very interesting to look at.

Patricia’s Picks May 2020

Richard Brooke Copybook, 1803

1981.0025.0005 Copy book, Richard Brooke

Have you ever wondered if the education 250 years ago was more rigorous than the education today?  The general consensus is “yes,” but I tend to disagree.  Do you know about the “Rule of Three”?  Or how about reduction?  This copybook belonged to Richard Brooke in 1803.  I was amazed that a thirteen-year-old was able to complete these complex exercises.  The beautiful handwriting throughout was enough to regret leaving Richard Brooke behind, as I had to move on to the next project.

Lydia’s Picks May 2020

Diary: Dr. Caleb Edward Iddings, January 23-27, 1881

1983.0083.0012 Diary, Dr. Caleb E. Iddings

In the diary entries for these five days, Dr. Iddings speaks of late nights caring for his youngest child Edward (four years of age at the time) through a bout of croup. As a mom intimately familiar with croup, I could almost hear little Edward’s barking cough and felt an instant connection with Dr. Iddings. His obvious tenderness toward his son is very touching and he tugged at my heartstrings when, on the fourth day when Edward was most sick, Dr. Iddings was riddled with concern and seemingly at a loss as to what else to do so he went to the Ashton Store and bought his son a toy elephant bank.