Flowers- Messengers of Heaven

April 30 – May 7, 2023, 10 am – 4pm each day, in the upper level of the art barn

A pop-up exhibit of artwork inspired by flowers, nature, and Bible verses, created by Sandy Spring Museum resident artists, Alla and Milana Borovskaia, a mother daughter artist duo.  By using a variety of art mediums, such as wool fibers and resin, the artists have created many vibrantly colored and textured artworks that help viewers appreciate the preservation of nature and the link between flowers and scripture.

Artist reception: Sunday, April 30, 3-5 pm, light refreshments will be offered in studio


Indoor site-specific indoor installation June 18 – September 8, 2023

Outdoor installation July 6- November 30, 2023


Regeneration-Connection-Celebration is a conceptual showcase of cut paper installations, paintings on canvas, and indoor and outdoor sculptural pieces inspired by Chinese folklore traditions from local artist, Shanye Huang. The work explores the interconnectedness and resiliency of the human spirit amidst the transformation and regeneration experienced through the pandemic. The exhibit also examines human life on earth and its intricate relationship with nature through the artist’s personal reflections, observations, and meditations. Huang will transform the gallery spaces of the Museum into an immersive display of color and vibrancy with cut paper, paintings, and mixed media installation. Outdoors, he will display a new artwork that draws on elements of community and the passage of time through the seasons.

Shanye Huang was born and raised in an ethnic Zhuang family in Guangxi, Southwest China, a region known for its vibrant folk arts. His art connects his southern Chinese folkloric heritage with the disciplined skills of Chinese academic painting and Western contemporary concepts. Huang employs an experimental cross-media approach by integrating a bold lively spirit, embedded in a folk-art tradition through color and form. He uses simple craft material such as paper cutting with contemporary conceptual expressions to create large-scale vibrant installations that are filled with symbols and metaphors to facilitate meaningful conversions. The complex creation process, symbolizing a transformational human experience, expresses the aesthetic relationship between painting and paper-cutting.

Beyond Traditions

Beyond Traditions

January 9 – March 20, 2023

Beyond Traditions brings together seven multi-cultural women artists in a multimedia exhibit curated by Felisa Federman. Participating artists bring their diverse backgrounds and cultural histories that have led them to the art world. They each create textiles that reflect their individual connections to countries of origin, various educational paths, or other forms of expression.

Click to view the exhibit catalogue.

The Poetry of Glass

March 29 – May 28, 2023


A showcase of works by members of the National Capital Art Glass Guild (NCAGG), featuring works by more than 40 glass artists across all aspects of the medium, from “cold” glass (stained) to “warm” glass (fused) to “hot” glass (blown).

Their art illustrates the range of this amazing material: translucent and opaque, colorful, joyful and mysterious, responsive to gravity and variations in heat in ways that are often unpredictable. Exhibitors have studied with nationally and internationally recognized masters and include gallery owners, scientists, and educators. Works on display range from purely decorative and fine art to functional and architectural pieces. Like poets, members find their inspiration in nature, science, history, music, fabric, rhythm, abstraction, emotion, geometry, organic matter, and more. They are constantly experimenting, exploring, and inventing new techniques.

Pictured: Tribute to Ms. Mailou Jones, Kate Barfield

Path of Pyramids/Yarn bomb

March 12- May 21, 2023

Enjoy a display of the Wheaton Art Parade Path of Pyramids around the grounds of the Museum. These 8-foot pyramids were created by artists and are featured in an annual parade based in the intersection of three state highways, known as the Wheaton Triangle. The artists of the pyramids include Maria Luisa Benavides, Rachel Ann Cross, Angela Davidson, Sally McAllister, Jessica Muñiz-Witmer, Alexandra Slezak, and Marta Lopez Teigeiro. Learn more here.

Pictured: Mirage, Alexandra Slezak