July 1: Trauma & Restoration

Constant experiences of racism lead to lasting trauma. Racial trauma can result from major experiencing of discrimination or be the result of many microaggressions over time. How do you recover from this race-based stress? What role does art play as a platform to heal trauma?

Panelists: Karah Palmer, M.Ed. and Meghan Malik


July 8: Systemic Racism in Education

Education is a legal right – not a privilege – yet it is one of the most pervasive systems of keeping people trapped in generational poverty. What does meaningful educational reform look like?  How do we keep the current system from perpetuating systematic racism in education?

Panelists: Professor Natalie Thomas, Dr. Daman Harris, Dr. Joshua Starr



July 15: What Happened to Anton Black?

Anton Black, an Eastern Shore teenager, died in police custody nearly two years ago. Black was one of 31 people to die in Maryland in an officer-involved incident in 2018. “Anton’s Law” can prevent this from happening in the future. Learn how to advocate for effective change in our community.

Panelists: Delegate Pam Queen, Delegate Gabriel Acevero, Councilmember Will Jawando, LaToya Holley (sister of Anton Black), Moderator – Monty Cooper


July 22: Creating Change within Police Departments

Do you know what the Police Advisory Commission is? Learn about how the commission and other programs are creating opportunities for citizen-led change within our local police department.

Panelists: Chief Marcus Jones, MCPD, Dave Thomas, Cherri Branson, Moderator – Dr. Rashawn Ray


July 29: Coalition Building & How to Bridge the Gap Between Established & Marginalized Communities

Learn more about how to build a strong coalition in the fight for racial justice. Local activists and leaders share their insight on building a stronger community.

Panelists: Josephine Garnem, Mohamed Abubakr, Yi Shen, Moderator – Luz Chavez Gonzales