Current Exhibits

Beyond Traditions

January 9 – March 20, 2023

Beyond Traditions brings together seven multi-cultural women artists in a multimedia exhibit curated by Felisa Federman. Participating artists bring their diverse backgrounds and cultural histories that have led them to the art world. They each create textiles that reflect their individual connections to countries of origin, various educational paths, or other forms of expression.

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Path of Pyramids/Yarn Bomb

March 12- May 21, 2023

Enjoy a display of the Wheaton Art Parade Path of Pyramids around the grounds of the Museum. These 8-foot pyramids were created by artists and are featured in an annual parade based in the intersection of three state highways, known as the Wheaton Triangle. The artists of the pyramids include Maria Luisa Benavides, Rachel Ann Cross, Angela Davidson, Sally McAllister, Jessica Muñiz-Witmer, Alexandra Slezak, and Marta Lopez Teigeiro. Learn more here.

Mirage, Alexandra Slezak