Local History

What is “Sandy Spring?”

Historically, Sandy Spring is both a village and a 100-square mile neighborhood encompassing many villages. The Sandy Spring neighborhood is thought of as a six-mile radius stemming from the Sandy Spring Friends Meeting House as a family traveling in a horse-powered buggy could travel about six miles to attend meetings and get home safely before dark.

The villages of Sandy Spring include Sandy Spring itself, as well as Ashton, Brighton, Brookeville, Cloverly, Brinklow/Cincinnati, Ednor/Norwood, Laytonsville/Mt. Zion,Norbeck/Oakdale, Olney/Davis, Triadelphia, Spencerville/Brown’s Corner, and Unity/Sunshine. See below for a brief description of each of these villages.

The Sandy Spring Villages
These villages make up the 100-square miles that are considered the overall Sandy Spring neighborhood:

  • Sandy Spring
  • Ashton
  • Brighton
  • Brookeville
  • Cloverly
  • Brinklow/Cincinnati
  • Ednor/Norwood
  • Laytonsville/Mt. Zion
  • Norbeck/Oakdale
  • Olney/Davis
  • Triadelphia
  • Spencerville/Brown’s Corner
  • Unity/Sunshine