Folklife: The traditions, activities, skills and products (such as handicraft) of a particular people or group. (Webster’s Dictionary)

Since being designated the “folk life hub of Montgomery County” by Maryland Traditions and the Maryland State Arts Council in 2019, Sandy Spring Museum has been on a campaign to identify, support and enhance folk traditions that are practiced in Montgomery County.

Folk artists can be found in every part of the county.  Sometimes folk artists enjoy their traditions in private spaces and sometimes they share their practices in public.  In either case, they enrich the life of the county.  The diversity of cultures in Montgomery County makes it a distinctive place to live in and visit and engenders pride in its residents. Folk artists and folk practitioners also make practical contributions in terms of sustainability, employment, and education, inspiring people to adapt, appreciate and celebrate their cultural traditions.

Get Involved!

Sandy Spring Museum accepts proposals from individuals or groups who want to create programs, exhibits, performances, or activities at the museum that will benefit the community at-large – click here to apply. Want to learn more about getting involved with the Folklife program? Please send us an email.