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Upcoming Programs

All About Water Gardening on Sunday, February 11.


Volunteer Opportunities

a small seedling in a potThe Museum Garden Club is preparing for our annual Plant Booth at the Strawberry Festival in June.  We would like to reach out to all our gardening friends in the community and ask you to join us.

It’s time to start the seedlings that will be sold at the Booth.  Starting seeds now can also be so uplifting as we wait for temperatures to rise!  We are asking you to grow any vegetable, herb, annual flower and native seedling or plant and share them with the Garden Club.  Along with seedlings, we accept donations of perennials, shrubs, or small trees.

Contact us at or 301-774-0022 ext. 104 for additional information or to volunteer or donate.  June seems so far away, but will be here before we know it.  We can’t wait to see what you’re growing!


Sandy Spring Museum Garden Club

Celebrating 25 years in 2016-2017, the Sandy Spring Museum Garden Club was founded in 1991 by Mary Rice, an expert gardener and beautiful soul. Bringing people together to practice and enjoy all things gardening, the Garden Club is proudly the Museum’s oldest established club, dedicated to providing members with opportunities for socializing, learning, and growing as individuals, centered around a common interest in gardening.

While being responsible for planning, landscaping, and maintaining the museum’s Courtyard Garden, the Garden Club offers quarterly programs, trips, and interactive and creative workshops. Some of the fun activities include the Plant Booth at the Museum’s annual Strawberry Festival [link to Strawberry Festival], the Holiday Greens Sale, and the bi-annual Garden Tour, featuring beautiful local, private, and historic gardens.

Upcoming Events, Workshops & Trips

To participate in any one of the club’s programs please e-mail us or call or 301-774-0022 (x104). Be sure to register before the deadline and stay tuned for the Holiday Workshop Schedule!

Garden Club Membership

Membership in the Garden Club is open to all Museum members and guests are welcome to attend any function. By becoming a member of the Garden Club you have the opportunity to meet new people, have a great time while learning, and support the Museum, all while expanding the community’s knowledge of horticulture.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Garden Club, please e-mail us or call 301-774-0022 (x104) for more information.

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About Mary Rice

As an active gardener in the community for many years, Mary Rice founded the Sandy Spring Museum Garden Club in November 1991. She, along with a small group of gardening friends, developed a club to maintain and enhance the museum’s garden, attract new members, and, most importantly, spread information on gardens and gardening.

With Mary’s knowledge and passion, she provided the guidance for the Garden Club to grow and flourish and fulfill her vision. For decades, Garden Club members have proudly supported the Sandy Spring Museum in the best ways possible. We thank Mary for forming this club with the help of the extraordinary charter members, including Nadine Mort, Carolyn Reitman, Terry Chaconas, Penny Sidell, and Beth Bulladorf.