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Get involved!  The museum thrives because of a strong network of people who share a passion for building community and contributing to the common good.

Current Opportunities

Development Director

Exhibit Intern

Museum Facilitator

There are volunteer opportunities that require a variety of skills, interests, and schedules; the annual Strawberry Festival needs over 200 volunteers each year and dozens of committed individuals are volunteers and members of the Sandy Spring Museum Garden Club.

Ladson Research Library

Explore and expand your knowledge in the museum’s research library and archives, full of resources and stories on local history. The library also presents a volunteer opportunity for trained individuals to answer research questions and provide access to documents and photographs in the archives. For more information, please contact us or fill out a volunteer form.

“Volunteering at Sandy Spring Museum is a fun, rewarding and enriching experience. The warm and welcoming staff makes all the difference; they keep me in mind for opportunities in my area of interest and generously recognize my efforts. I am always proud to have the privilege and opportunity to give back to my community through the unique volunteering activities at Sandy Spring Museum.” – Nan M.