2017 Maryland Champion Award Recipient

Martin O'Malley

Martin O’Malley has spent his entire career fighting for under-served and middle-class communities. He served as the Governor of Maryland, Mayor of Baltimore, and a city councilor—earning a reputation as a bold, progressive, and pragmatic executive who is willing to take on our toughest shared challenges.

As Mayor of Baltimore, O’Malley’s policies helped achieve the greatest crime reduction of America’s largest cities. He also promoted important investments in the local economy—bringing fiscal stability to schools and cracking down on crime, which drew investments and people back to the city.

While Governor, Maryland made sweeping investments in public safety, college education, affordable healthcare, and economic growth. The state recovered 100 percent of the jobs lost during the national recession, and was one of only seven states to maintain a AAA bond rating. The Washington Post named Maryland as one of the top states for holding down the cost of college tuition, and Maryland was also recognized as having the best public schools in America for an unprecedented five years in a row.

Recognizing the threat that climate change posed to Maryland’s coastal communities, Governor O’Malley took action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, invest in renewable energy, and grow green jobs. He also worked to uplift the dignity of all Marylanders—by signing marriage equality into law, abolishing the death penalty, and passing the DREAM Act to expand the opportunity of a college education to more local students.

Join us in honoring Martin O’Malley as the Maryland Champion Award recipient.