Anthony Gaskins, The Hat Man

On exhibit March 19 – May 28, 2021

A collection of handcrafted hats by artist and milliner Anthony Gaskins.  Mr. Gaskins is the creator of Hugs and Hats, an idea he developed after losing his parents, sister, and mentor to cancer.  Through Hugs and Hats, he counsels cancer patients and runs hat-making workshops. “Words can’t describe how it feels to give someone fighting cancer a hat,” he explained. “To put them in something that totally transforms their mindset and how they feel about the sickness that they have and that they are fighting.” Mr. Gaskins sees his life’s mission as helping those fighting cancer.  His hats showcase one way cancer patients can recapture confidence after experiencing the hair loss that often accompanies chemotherapy.

About the Artist
Anthony Gaskins is a milliner by trade. He designs, creates, buys, and sells hats. For decades he has run his own business, serving a broad and diverse clientele. He teaches – formally and informally – about the history and culture surrounding hats.