Arnold Waters

(b. circa 1770s – d. 1889)

Arnold Waters was the son of Nicholas Waters. Nicholas Waters appears first in the census records for Montgomery County in 1810. He was born between 1772-1779. He is last seen in the Frederick County census in 1870 with what appears to be a second wife. His first wife was Katy Waters. Nicholas bought Katy (age 44) and all her children (5), to wit: Anna (16), Arnold (15), Kitty (13), Urania (10), Sarah Ann (8), Amelia (presumably his children) from John Waters. He freed them in 1832. They are reportedly on the 1832 Sheriff O’Neale list of free persons of color for Montgomery County. In 1850 Nicholas had property valued at $100; in 1860, $500. In 1850 he lived in the Berry’s District. His daughter Sarah married Samuel Owens of nearby Davis Corner.

Water’s presumed father, Nicholas Waters, bought his freedom from John Waters in 1832. In 1832 he was counted with other family members on Sheriff O’Neale’s list of free persons of color in Montgomery County. According to the census, he was a laborer, living in the Berry’s District, though not with his father. There are no personal or real property values listed for him. Thus, he does not appear to have had any property of his own in 1850. In 1860 Arnold and his family have moved to Olney. His occupation is now listed as “farmer.” In 1880 he is listed as “small farmer,” then married to Amelia Contee. Their children were: Samuel T., Hannah, Margaret, John E., Charles, Benjamin, Arnold Jr., Sarah, Henry, Mary Ann, and William Arthur.

In 1880 all the children except Hannah, Margaret and John E. were living with Arnold and Amelia. Hannah married William Grinton in Washington DC. They continued to live in DC. No additional information is known at this time about Margaret. John married Elizabeth Pratt and continued to live in Olney, raising two children, Elsie and Harold William. Arnold died September 11, 1889. He is buried in the Mutual Memorial Cemetery in Sandy Spring.

The land noted on the map was originally Nicholas Waters’ land. The notation “A. Waters,” in 1865 probably indicates that Nicholas had moved (to Frederick, per 1870 census) and Arnold had taken over the property. There was no information regarding any property sales in the time period. Nothing is noted in the grantor or grantee indexes for Montgomery County for this time period.