Clarks Crystals

Holistic Energy Furniture and Art: Paintings, handmade tables, jewelry, orgonite pyramids and pocket talismans

Nancy and Maynol’s handmade holistic products are made with crystals that generate positive energy while absorbing all the negative energies in your surrounding space. With our holistic energy products, you can experience life filled with health, calmness, and peace. We use crystals such as amethyst citrine selenite and much more, each with its own remarkable properties.

Maynol is an accomplished multi-instrumental musician, life coach, reiki healer, photographer and artist. His work is a blend of abstract style, resin and crystals.  His round resin tables are unique and functional with organic properties designed to filter negative energy to create positive harmonious space in the room.

Nancy creates copper and genuine crystal rings, bracelets and orgonite pyramids.  She selects crystals for specific functioning and clearing energies for home, work and personal space. Healers believe crystals are living energies that are incredibly old and willing to transmit their positive spirit to those who are willing and open to receive them. A crystal pyramid is a powerful tool that can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the environment, and infuse the positive energy of the stone it is made of.