Derek’s Picks June 2020

Scrapbook: Mary Bentley Thomas, 1845-1923

Scrapbook, 2008.0028.0001

In 1915, the Suffrage Caravan traveled through Maryland.  On their way through Montgomery County, they paid a visit to an aging Mary Bentley Thomas at her Belmont farm.  This page from her scrapbook details the visit.  Mary Bentley Thomas obviously had a sense of humor based on the newspaper clipping of Francis Snowden’s reasoning why women should have the right to vote.

Club Minutes: The Neighbors 

Club Minutes, 2009.0018.0001

Sandy Spring has a long history of Social Clubs and the Sandy Spring Museum is fortunate to be the repository for many of the Social Club’s minutes.  As a member, and Archival Secretary, of a Sandy Spring Social Club (The Neighbors),  I understand the tremendous value the Club Minutes provide historians who wish to research the Sandy Spring Community.  In 1986, The Neighbors (founded 1897) celebrated their  1000th Meeting at the Cedars.  The following pages, documented in a booklet, detail a history of the Club and its members, along with humorous snippets from its many meetings, along with a tribute to long-time member Dr. Jacob Bird.

Club Minutes: The Mutual Improvement Association 

Club Minutes, 2004.0018.0015

The Mutual Improvement Association is considered by many to be the longest-serving Women’s Social Club in the United States (founded 1857). In 2007, “Association”  celebrated its 150th Anniversary at a meeting held at the Cedars. The following minutes paint a vivid portrait of their sweet tooth’s! Then, read the attached poems, pages 17-23, especially Katherine Farquhar’s!


Enterprise Farmers Club Centennial Meeting, January 1966

Club Minutes, 2005.0016.0008 (1966)

The Enterprise Farmers Club (called the “Junior Club”), has been meeting since December 1865.  Along with the Sandy Spring Farmers Club (founded in 1844 and called the “Senior Club”), they comprise some of the oldest farmers’ clubs in the country.  The club membership regularly met to discuss agricultural issues, solutions and to inspect and critique the monthly host’s farming operation (livestock, crops, equipment).  If you want to understand the rural and agricultural history of the Sandy Spring Community, look no further than the Enterprise Farmers Club Minutes.  They celebrated their Centennial Meeting in January of 1966 and the Minutes give a fine overview of the Club’s history.  After reading this, I guarantee you’ll want to read more!