Edward Elkhorn

(b. 1820 – d. 1912)

William “Edward” Elkhorn was born June 6, 1820 in Montgomery County to Philip Elkhorn and Rebecca C. Briscoe. Phillip Elkhorn, an enslaved person, was sold south on the ship Brunswick, which was owned by Austin Woolfolk. The Brunswick departed Baltimore on October 11, 1831.

Elkhorn worked as a small farmer in the Berry’s District of Montgomery County. Edward Elkhorn was married first to a woman named Elizabeth and together they had four children Charles and John (who were likely twins because they are the same age), Henry and Rosen. In 1849, Edward Elkhorn and his mother Charlotte Briscoe purchased from Benjamin and Margaret Hallowell a plot of land in Olney, Hallowell was the president of the Maryland Agricultural College from 1859 to 1860, serving only one month.

Elkhorn married for the second time a woman named Sarah Butler (b. circa 1835) on August 24, 1865. Butler worked as a servant in Sandy Spring for Warrick Miller and his family prior to marrying Edward Elkhorn. Edward and Sarah lived in Olney with their children: Tilghman, Levi, Charles, Edward, Perry, Philip, and Agnes. Edward Elkhorn could not read or write but sent his children to school where they would be educated. The Elkhorn family were members of the Sharp Street Church. Edward Elkhorn was the neighbor of Arnold Waters, another free black landowner in the community. Elkhorn purchased two additional parcels of land in 1873 from William H. Stabler, attorney for James E. Tyson, for the sum of $880. In 1900 and 1910 the Elkhorns were living in Olney, MD and Edward was still working as a farmer at the age of 88. Edward Elkhorn died January 22, 1912 and is buried at the Sharp Street Cemetery.