Lydia’s Picks May 2020

Diary: Dr. Caleb Edward Iddings, January 23-27, 1881

1983.0083.0012 Diary, Dr. Caleb E. Iddings

In the diary entries for these five days, Dr. Iddings speaks of late nights caring for his youngest child Edward (four years of age at the time) through a bout of croup. As a mom intimately familiar with croup, I could almost hear little Edward’s barking cough and felt an instant connection with Dr. Iddings. His obvious tenderness toward his son is very touching and he tugged at my heartstrings when, on the fourth day when Edward was most sick, Dr. Iddings was riddled with concern and seemingly at a loss as to what else to do so he went to the Ashton Store and bought his son a toy elephant bank.