Patricia’s Picks October 2020

Certificate: Allan Farquhar, 1918


The brainchild of Theodore Roosevelt in 1910, the World League for the Peace of Righteousness was formed on behalf of peace and justice in an atmosphere of rising tensions between nations. Sandy Spring native, Allan Farquhar, was one of the select few to be awarded a Certificate of Honorary Appointment by the Governor of Maryland on April 24, 1918. Allan Farquhar served as a state delegate at the conference entitled, “Win the War for Permanent Peace” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1918. An impressive appointment, indeed!

Mutual Improvement Association, 1932


Found within the Mutual Improvement Association’s papers in 1932, Fanny Pierce Iddings penned this formal verse using the ABAB rhyme scheme, whereas the first and the third line of each verse is set to rhythm, as is the second and fourth line. While the poem suggests reverence towards the early members, it also hints at their perceived innocence.

They ventured on uncharted seas,
And felt a little awed perhaps,
Nor dreamed what hosts would follow these
Sweet faces framed in Quaker caps.

How quaint their faded minutes are,
We smile to see their lack of scope;
So proud of just an apple jar,
So very fond of making soap.

Diary: Caleb E. Iddings, June 8, 1868


Spring of 2020 was a spring-like no one living today has ever witnessed. Like many people, I decided to grow vegetables and bake bread in order to become less dependent on the food supply. With that said, I ran into the same situation that practically all of us shared and that was–scarcity in supply chains. I had this great idea to plant potatoes; however, finding “seed” potatoes was not as easy as it was many years ago when I first had tried this.

Enter Dr. Caleb E. Iddings in 1868. I could not help but choose this selection from his diaries because he discusses on June 8, 1868, that, “Jennings Boyd worked all day with the oxen on the roads.” The following day, “Jennings Boyd went to Christiania and Penningtonville on a fruitless search for seed potatoes.” Not to be worried, Dr. Iddings wrote that on the next day, he purchased two bushels of seed potatoes for $1.70 each.

Now back to 2020, I managed to find a few seed potatoes via the internet and only one out of three batches produced something akin to a potato. All of us in this modern era could learn a thing or two about growing vegetables from these local people from a bygone era!

Remedy for leg cramps in “Domestic Cookery…” by Elizabeth Ellicott Lea


Just in case you were searching for the perfect cure for the dreaded “cramp,” I might have three solutions for you; however, please disregard everything I am about to say, in fact, definitely do not “try this at home!”

Sandy Spring local, Elizabeth Ellicott Lea, offered a variety of home remedies in her 1845 publication “Domestic Cookery…”.  Her suggestions for alleviating leg cramps especially caught my eye.  Elizabeth notes that the sufferer can place a “foot-board to the bedstead” (i.e. bed frame) and put “the foot against it…”  Or, you can tie a string “between the body and the pain, about as tight as a physician does to draw blood…”  And, finally, her last suggestion was to “wear a bandage filled with pounded brimstone round the limb.”  Elizabeth also thought it was a good idea to hold a “roll of brimstone in each hand” and suggested keeping extra by the bed just in case. Should you be wondering what brimstone is, it’s actually sulfur – extremely flammable and difficult to extinguish!  Perhaps a heating pad would be safer!