(Richard) Perry Budd

In 1850 Perry Budd and his wife Eliza Allen Budd and their children, Samuel and Thomas were living in the Cracklin District. He was working as a laborer. In 1860 he was a blacksmith living in Sandy Spring, with real property valued at $1100, and personal property at $1000. Perry reportedly died on 6 November 1861. He was buried in Mutual Memorial Cemetery. In addition to Samuel and Thomas, Perry and Eliza had Emily and Martha A. Another child, Perrie Ann, was born about 1864. This child was considered Perry’s daughter, which may mean the date of death for Perry may be inaccurate, or the birth date for Perrie Ann may be inaccurate, or Perrie Ann was not in fact Perry’s daughter. Eliza did not appear in any censuses after 1870.