Samuel Owens

(b. circa 1825 – d. 1866)

Samuel Owens, a mulatto, was probably born free. Owens appears on the census for the first time in 1840 and is listed in a household with one adult male, one adult female, and one minor child. On August 18, 1850 Samuel Owens purchased a part of the tract of land called “Addition to Charley Forrest” from Caleb and Henrietta Bentley. By 1854 Samuel Owens extended his land by purchasing another lot from an unknown source but received a receipt from someone named E. G. Brown.

Owens was married by Thomas McCormick to Sarah Waters and they lived in with their children: Albert, Hannah, Elizabeth, Samuel, Laura, Anna, and Sarah. Samuel Owens and his wife Sarah were both trustees of the Sharp Street Church where they also worshipped. Many of the free blacks in Sandy Spring worshipped at the Sharp Street Church and served as trustees. In 1863 Samuel Owens was drafted into the Union Army during the Civil War. He was a member of the 2nd Regiment, Company C, Maryland Cavalry, serving from August 12, 1863 – February 6, 1864. When he entered service, he ranked in as a private and when he mustered out he ranked as a corporal. Samuel Owens’ health began to fail him and he died in January 1866. In his will Samuel Owens left all of his land to his wife and children to be divided.