Sara’s Picks August 2020

Ledger: Ashton Store, 1882-1893

Ledger, 2005.0004.0008
As a person who loves lists and stays organized with the use of a day planner, this ledger feels very relatable for me to view. There is a meticulous quality to how store proprietor, A.G. Thomas kept records of the accounts of his customers. This ledger has a lot of amounts transferred over from a previous folio to help him keep the balance of all his accounts. The little bits of math and notes in the margins show some more of Mr. Thomas’ organizational strategy.

Scrapbook: Late 19th century

Scrapbook, 2004.0015.0076

This scrapbook is filled with advertisements, pictures, and clippings from the late 19th century. There’s a wide assortment of themes and images, some of which are quite quirky or silly. It reminds me a bit of people today capturing screenshots on their cell phones that are sometimes just little images that they want to remember or look back on at a later time. It’s fun to consider the meaning of these clippings and wonder why they were chosen and saved in this book.

Plat: Bloomfield Farm, 1894

Plat, 1997.0005.0217

This property survey shows the land contained within the Bloomfield Farm property, owned by John C. Bentley. The farm shape is interesting and makes me wonder what was developed to fill that space. It’s sort of an open canvas to fill for living and farm use. And because it’s located in Sandy Spring, you can check it out today and see how it has evolved through time.



Basketball ScoreBook: Sherwood High School, 1950-1951

Scorebook, 1982.0041.0001

Team sports are in short supply these days, so this little record book of the 1950-1951 Sherwood High School basketball season might help fill that gap a bit. It shows points scored, broken down by individual players, and other detailed records of the games. As I flipped to the last pages and saw the full team record for the season, I was a bit dismayed to see the several losses my old high school, Damascus HS, had against Sherwood for that season.