Sara’s Picks July 2020

Poetry celebrating 25th wedding anniversary of John C. and Cornelia H. Bentley, 1907

This is a collection of poems and notes that celebrate the 25th anniversary of John and Cornelia Bentley. The friends and family of the Bentley’s wrote these words and they are sweet mementos from this occasion. I like the creativity of their friends and the ways that they sent their congratulations.

Invitation: New Zealand Ambassador and Mrs. Munro to Mr. and Mrs. J. Bentley, 1954

Invitation, 1997.0005.0137

This invitation to the New Zealand embassy is very interesting to me as this is an international link to the Bentley’s in the Sandy Spring community. I imagine that attending a cocktail party at an embassy is a classy event and it is interesting to see the handwritten note that is included in this invitation. Clearly the Bentley’s knew some people in high places!

Caricature: by (Earl D.) Chesney baseball of Jack Bentley

Caricature, 1997.0005.0128

Caricatures are always interesting because they highlight a specific aspect of one’s personality or persona. This drawing of Jack Bentley displays his baseball career in a really dynamic way. I especially like the action lines around his exaggerated foot that give the feeling of movement or momentum as he winds up to throw the ball.


Letter: to editor of American Farmer

Letter, 2001.0001.0018aa

Gardening has seen a resurgence and expansion during the coronavirus shutdowns, many are cultivating their land and seeing what varied items they can try to grow. An important aspect to gardening and farming is using fertilizer to add essential nutrients for growth. This letter is an interesting description of bat guano, a fertilizer famously introduced to Sandy Spring in the 19th century, which was traded from Peru.