Sara’s Picks June 2020

Journals, Tales of the Dismal Campers, 1887-1896

Journal, 1982.0007.0003
This journal details the experiences of a group of young Sandy Spring women who attended a summer vacation, where they occupied a building for a week, called Camp Dismal. There are several volumes spanning a few years that chronicle the journey of these ladies. There are quirky tales, notes, songs, and more included in their writings.

Sketchbook: Sarah T. Wood, 1889-1894

Sketchbook, 198.0006.0003

This little sketchbook contains small pencil drawings down around the Sandy Spring area. As an artist myself, I know how personal, yet interesting artist sketchbooks can be. They show little outlines or written ideas, in unfinished yet often still beautiful ways.





Seal impression: Orphans’ Court of Prince George’s County

Seal impression, 2001.0013.0021

This item is a seal impression from the Orphans’ Court of Prince George’s County. Though not as vibrant to view as the actual seal would be, the impression shows the amount of detail and intricacy included in this seal. It looks a bit like a coin. This seal was designed and manufactured by Edward Stabler of Sandy Spring, which makes it an interesting work of art as well.

Birthday book: Mary Ellicott Gilpin, ca1852-1946

Birthday book, 1983.0107.0007

This piece is a book to help keep track of birthdays. I really like this because it shows the pre-digital era before we could access birthdays with a couple of quick clicks. I personally write the birthdays of my family and close friends in my day planner as a way to remember them each year, so this book reminds me of that practice. Also, it’s fun to page through and see if there are any “birthday buddies” on your birthday.