Sara’s Picks November 2020

Tribute: Dr. Jacob W. Bird, 1959


This tribute is dedicated to Sandy Spring’s famed doctor, Dr. Bird, in honor of his 50th anniversary of practicing medicine in the community. The Neighbors social club wrote this tribute and seemed honored to have Dr. Bird as one of their group’s members. When you are able to safely return to the Museum, be sure to walk around the central exhibit room, named after the same Dr. Bird and see his carriage in the WonderRoom too!

Notes: “Pig Sticker”, 1950


This page of notes about a “pig sticker” caught my eye and I had to search and discover what that was in the context of 19th-century history. A pig sticker is a type of weapon, like a long knife blade, more formally called a ‘spike bayonet’. These notes show that eventually, Jack Bentley owned this particular weapon. It reminds me that every item, no matter its use, always has a history and it’s important to pass that information down for future generations to be able to learn about it and be able to appreciate its place in the past.

Testimonial: Chicago School of Nursing for Ethel F. Farquhar


This letter of recommendation is relatable because I’ve recently had similar letters written for me in pursuit of graduate school acceptance and for other job opportunities. You often don’t get to see those letters since they go directly to the program staff or hiring managers.  Even so, it could feel a bit odd to read someone else’s opinion of you or your work ethic. This letter is a wonderful testament to Ethel’s character and ability to pursue her nursing aspirations.

Diary: Edward Stabler, 1935


This page from Edward Stabler’s diary reflects seemingly typical preparations for a Thanksgiving holiday meal. What I find intriguing is his mention of oysters for the stuffing, which is not something I’ve ever heard of. I’m not sure how I feel about adding oysters but I do like the mention of stuffing in general as that is one of my favorite parts of a Thanksgiving meal! I look forward to this holiday every year and, like Edward Stabler, I enjoy helping my family prepare our various dishes.  Though our Thanksgiving gathering will look different this year, Edward’s mention of his guests reminds me that our friends and family are the people to be most grateful for.