Sara’s Picks September 2020

Silhouettes: Hannah and Joshua Peirce, undated

Scrapbook, 2004.0015.0080
This scrapbook was put together by Hannah Pierce’s granddaughter, detailing aspects of the Pierce family including family trees, silhouettes, and other newspaper clippings. This specific page has 2 silhouettes of Hannah and her husband, Joshua. I enjoy looking through old family photos and reading through notes that my grandparents have left behind for our family, so I imagine this was a fun and edifying task for Hannah’s granddaughter to gather mementos and information to include in this scrapbook.

Military Pass: John (Jack) Bentley, November 27, 1918

Military Pass, 1997.0005.0609

This military pass for Jack Bentley granted him permission to visit Luxembourg. Although he had likely traveled and moved around Europe during the war and seen many places during that difficult time, it is interesting to imagine what sights he may have seen and what the purpose was during that particular visit. I have visited Italy and Germany before and often think back fondly over those trips and the many amazing memories from those times, while now looking forward to the days when travel such as that can safely resume.

Diary: Harriet Iddings, 1910

Diary, 1983.0083.0040

This 1910 diary consists of daily entries of Harriett Iddings, a Sandy Spring local. After her husband, Dr. Caleb Iddings passed away in 1904, she continued on following the same writing manner as her husband had used. Each day is a brief entry, sharing bits and highlights from the days. Those little ordinary moments can sometimes be mundane but are the essential moments that put together as a whole show the unique life of a person. I received a journal at the start of 2020 where you can write a brief note for each day. I have been using it faithfully and I know it will be very interesting to look back through after this year in particular ends.

Announcement: Women’s Exchange, undated

Announcement, 1991.0084.0009

This item shows the history of the Women’s Exchange of Sandy Spring and it is very interesting to see how the women of the community hand-crafted items and then had them available for sale. It’s a bit of a shock to see how the pricing has changed in relation to the current times. As an artist myself, it’s always a bit of a question as to figuring out fair pricing for pieces to sell. What a great opportunity for the women of the day to share their talents with the community!