T. Marriott

(b. circa 1831 – d. 1874)

Thomas Marriott, a mulatto, was born about 1831 in Maryland. In 1850 Marriott worked as a laborer at the home of Isaac Hartshorne, in the Cracklin District. Marriott’s wife, Caroline, gave birth to nine children: George, Anna, Thomas, Jonas, John, Lewis, William, Benjamin, and Caroline. The Marriotts were members of the Sharp Street Church where Thomas was also a trustee.

In 1854 Marriott purchased a tract of land that was part of the Addition to Charley Forrest from Charles Hill of Baltimore, MD. In 1857 Thomas Marriott and his wife Caroline sold that tract of land to Mary Hardesty. In 1859 Marriott purchased another tract of land that was a part of nearby Snowden’s Manor Enlarged from Joseph Todd of Montgomery County.

Marriott worked as a farmer until he was drafted by the Union Army in 1863. When Marriott returned home he became a member of the Eureka Society (a religious organization). Marriott served as a trustee of the Eureka Society along with Remus Q. Hill and Nelson Edwards. In 1873 the Eureka Society sold land to the trustees of the Cedar Mount Cemetery for the sum of $40. On December 15, 1874 the Eureka Society sold and additional piece of their land to Caleb Dorsey.

Upon his death in 1874, Thomas Marriott willed to his wife Caroline all of his property (real and personal). At Caroline’s death, Thomas’s property was to be divided equally amongst his children.