Historic Cooking Challenge

Do you love to cook? Do you love History? Then, Sandy Spring Museum’s Historic Cooking Challenge is for you!

Try your hand at making these recipes from the museum’s historic collection, then share the results to social media throughout the week using #SSMHistoricCookingChallenge. Don’t forget to tag the museum on Faceboook (@sandyspringmuseum) and Instagram (@sandyspringmuseum). New to social media? Here are instructions for tagging and posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Support local small businesses and stop by the Olney Farmers Market on Sundays to shop for fresh ingredients.

Week One
Sandy Spring Sponge Cake

Week Two
Post Office Bread

Week Three
Egg Noodle Salad

Week Four
Green Corn Pudding

Week Five
Green Tomato Pickles

Week Six
Cucumber Catsup

Recipe Transcription

Take 3 dozen large cucumbers and 3 white onions
peel both and chop them as fine as possible.
sprinkle on ¾ of a pint of fine table salt; put the
whole in a sieve and let it drain 12 hours then take
a tea-cup-full of mustard seed, ½ tea-cup-full of black
pepper (ground) and mix well with the cucumbers and
onions, put it in a jar with the strongest vinegar.

Week Seven
Chow Chow

Recipe Transcription

½ pk [peck] green tomatoes – 2 large heads cabbage – 15 large onions
25 cucumbers – 1 pt grated horse radish – 1 gal little onions –
whole – ½ lb mustard seed – 1 oz celery seed – ½ tea cup ground
pepper, turmeric and cinnamon each – cut the onions cucum-
bers, tomatoes, and cabbage in small pieces, and pack
them down in salt one night – in the morning drain
off the brine and put them to soak for a day or two
in vinegar and water; then drain them again & mix in
the spices – boil 1 ½ gals of vinegar with 5lb of sugar and
pour over hot; do this for 3 mornings on the third mix
two ½ lb boxes of mustard with ½ pint of Salad Oil and
put in it.

Week Seven
Jumbles Cookies

The Historic Cooking Challenge has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor.