The HUB for Culture & Democracy

The Hub for Culture & Democracy is a brand-new space for community building, civic engagement, and social action in Olney-Sandy Spring.
Hosted at Sandy Spring Museum, The Hub will serve as a unique mid-county center for engagement with contemporary social justice and equity issues, bringing together neighbors, residents, and change-makers from across our diverse community.

The inaugural program will present a series of three documentary screenings, each followed by a panel-led dialogue featuring local community leaders, professionals, artists, and activists.

Join us for this exciting new program – share perspectives, develop new connections, and meet together to help foster a more vibrant, inclusive, and equitable community for us all.

May 28 – Immigration and Refugees
Film: Tomorrow’s Children
The discussion panel will be led by the filmmaker and feature perspectives from local Latin American, West African, and Middle Eastern immigrant communities.

June 11 – Gun Violence, Race, and Activism
Film: Incompatible Allies
Discuss the film’s themes and perspectives with local student leaders and activists, including some of those whose voices are featured in the film.

June 25 – Racial and Criminal Justice
Film: Ava DuVernay’s 13th
A discussion of this groundbreaking film with local political, community, and returned citizen leaders, including activists and artists.

The HUB is in need of support from individuals, local businesses, and organizations who would like to help get this innovative grass-roots program off the ground. With a minimum $50 donation, you will be listed as a Community Partner. With a minimum $150 donation, you will be identified as a Community Sponsor. Make a tax-deductible donation HERE. Please be sure to enter “HUB” in the “Purpose of Donation” field.