Are you looking for a new learning, work, or creating space? Sandy Spring Museum is the perfect place for individuals, parents, and students to be socially distant while working, facilitating education, or coordinating activities. The Dr. Bird Room, Exhibit Hall, Ladson Library, Program Room, and Farquhar Gallery all provide the perfect atmosphere for a work from home experience without the usual work-from-home distractions.

What you can expect from your co-working space:

  •    A quiet relaxing workspace with beautiful scenery
  •    A great place for colleagues to meet in person and social distance
  •    An alternative location for students to engage in remote learning

Spaces are available Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Dr. Bird Room • Up to 16 individuals
$50/hour (minimum 3 hours) | $250/day (8 hour day) | $1200/week

Exhibit Hall • Up to 12 individuals
$35/hour (minimum 3 hours) | $200/day (8 hour day) | $1000/week

Ladson Library • Up to 8 individuals
$20/hour (minimum 3 hours) | $150/day (8 hour day) | $750/week

Program Room • Up to 10 individuals
$20/hour (minimum 2 hours) | $150/day (8 hour day) | $750/week

Guests will be provided:

  • 6’ folding tables & padded chairs
  • Indoor restrooms, sinks, paper towels, & antibacterial soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Free WiFi

Please contact Dan Kennedy to book your space today.