Sandy Spring Museum Launches Barter Program

A new service is making the local bartering economy a little more legit. Sandy spring Museum has launched the Sandy Spring Museum Exchange, a unique barter program to build deeper relationships between the Museum and the community that it serves. As a local non-profit organization, the Museum relies heavily on donations from members and contributions from local businesses. The recent launch of this barter exchange provides a meaningful alternative to allow businesses and individuals to equally prosper without the exchange of money.

In essence, bartering is simply the exchange of goods or services using something other than money. “We believe many individuals and local businesses want to support the Museum, but either don’t have the cash, or don’t realize the need,” says Allison Weiss, Sandy Spring Museum’s Executive Director. “In addition, the Museum has many resources that are currently underutilized, and we are happy to open our doors and provide resources to members of our community.”

Sandy Spring Museum has informally bartered with members of the community for years. Marketing services were exchanged for the opportunity to host a private concert at the Museum. A religious congregation managed kid’s crafts at the holiday party in exchange for use of the facility. A Native American organization offered to pressure wash the picnic tables in exchange for hosting an event on site. A local girl scout volunteered at the Museum for an entire school year in exchange for hosting a 2-day retreat.

The launch of the Sandy Spring Museum Exchange, which is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), offers a more formalized approach that will foster a greater sense of community participation. The Museum has hired Jessica Spirer as their on-site facilitator for the Exchange. Jessica’s experience includes extensive fundraising and membership work for the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Art, New York Public Library, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Olney Chamber of Commerce, recognizing that Sandy Spring Museum serves as a hub for an ever-growing market for bartered services, agreed to partner with the Museum to invite participation. Both Sandy Spring Museum and the Olney Chamber of Commerce encourage professionals and local businesses to recognize the value of bartering through the Exchange and welcome new members. For more information, contact 301.774.0022, or visit

About Sandy Spring Museum

The Sandy Spring Museum is located at 17901 Bentley Road, Sandy Spring, MD 20860. Sandy Spring Museum is a gathering place where people can develop meaningful connections by exploring community history through the visual, literary and performing arts. The Museum is open to the public Wednesdays – Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. F or more information call (301) 774-0022 or visit