On exhibit June 17 – August 28, 2022

“Space” is a versatile word. It can mean an area, distance, time, or even the cosmos. Over the pandemic, the term “space” primarily referred to the physical distance between people. We have seen how physical space impacts the intangible areas of our lives, including our mental health, relationships, and connections to the world around us. Space has become a mandate, a personal preference, and a source of constant reevaluation. In this exhibit, artists from Studio In-Sight consider the idea of space in many contexts. They explore the concept of emotional and physical space through their lived experiences of isolation, quarantine, conflict, relationships, self-discovery, and nature.


About Studio In-Sight

Established in 2006, Studio In-Sight is a shared studio program that provides space and inspiration to artists who create outside the mainstream. The studio is part of Cornerstone Montgomery, a psychiatric rehabilitation facility in Montgomery County, Maryland that serves those living with chronic and persistent mental health disorders. Studio In-Sight artists are encouraged to pursue their own interests – photography, painting, sculpture, wood work, etc. Some use their artistic expressions to work through emotional struggles, while others simply relish in the freedom that creation brings.

The artists of the Studio In-Sight program are a diverse group of creators who produce together through the Foundations Day Program at Cornerstone Montgomery. The shared studio, instruction, and program itself celebrate neurodiversity and support artists who live with mental illness. This unique community program looks at how artists can pursue art as a vocation, and how shows, exhibitions, and craft fairs can help unconventional artists participate in meaningful work.