Extant Black History Sites

Generations of change often obliterate the historic fabric of a community.  But around Sandy Spring there still exists an array of historic structures and sites that once gave shape to the many Black communities ringing the area.  Historic Black churches, schoolhouses, homes, and shops, ballfields, and graveyards survive in a variety of forms.  Many have been substantially altered.  Some have succumbed to old age and new developments.  Others have been preserved.  Many are but humble homes, but each reflects a particular time in history, and together help us to understand what community life was like a century ago and earlier.

Virtually visit and learn about the uncovered historic sites below. If you know of locations and landmarks that we have yet to uncover, please contact us.

Please take a look at other available maps: Historically Black Communities of Sandy Spring, Free Black Residents in the 1800s and Black Union Soldiers from Sandy Spring.