Strawberry Non-Festival

Yes, you read that right… the Strawberry Non-Festival. Though we are hopeful that we will be able to hold this local family-favorite event later this year, the reality is we just are not sure what the future holds.

This is the museum’s biggest event and fundraiser, bringing in more than $112,000 in 2019. In place of the event this June, we hope that you will consider RSVPing to the Strawberry Non-Festival and making a contribution of what you may have spent if we were able to hold the festival as planned. We hope to meet a goal of $12,000 in gifts.

Give a Gift Today

This long-standing, first-weekend in June tradition is near and dear to the community and volunteers, so please join us on Facebook and Instagram to take a trip down memory lane. From now through June 7th, we’ll be sharing photos, fun facts, and special stories from years past. Do you have a memory you would like us to share on your behalf? Please send us an email.

And don’t forget! You can pre-order fresh, local strawberries by the quart to pick-up on June 6th at the Drive-Thru Strawberry Sale! Sales end 5/28.