Summer Harvest

Written by Garden Club member, Jan Baweja


Member Updates
Anita has been donating produce from her garden to Harvest Share, an initiative in Montgomery County that asks backyard and community gardeners to grow a little more in their gardens and donate the extra produce to community resources dedicated to reducing food insecurity. She donated 10 pounds of green beans each week this month, 22+ lbs of various vegetables every month.

Here is a beautiful example of one of our Strawberry Festival plants, sold in 2019 and flourishing in 2020 in the Garden of Strawberry Festival Chair, Lori Thomas.


Kathy Gaskill, a Master Gardener and long-time member of the Garden Club has a lovely home surrounded by beautiful flower borders, a large vegetable garden, a growing tree and shrub collection, and a water management site that uses a diverse group of grasses and stones. Here are a few pictures.


Is anyone pickling, canning, and freezing their fruits and vegetables? Even if they are not from your garden, you may buy fresh produce from farmer’s markets. Pickling cucumbers are available from most Asian markets, too Try this recipe for Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles… no canning equipment necessary! Share your goodies with us by sending an email.


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