Upcoming Create Dates

Sunday, May 20 from noon – 4 pm: Create a Head Covering
A head covering is something that covers your head, of course!  It could be a baseball cap or a fireman’s helmet.  Did you ever think about the many purposes a head covering serves?  Head coverings keep your head warm when it’s cold.  They keep the sun out of your eyes.  They could be part of a uniform.  Maybe you wear one to be fashionable or maybe you cover your head for religious reasons (like a yarmulkes or a turban).
Try to design your own head covering by thinking through what purpose it will serve, what it will be made from, and what it will look like.  Maybe you can design a head covering that everyone in your family will want to wear!
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Sunday, June 17 from noon – 4 pm: Communication Cards
Imagine you have moved to a new place where you don’t speak the language.  What words and ideas would be most important to communicate with other people?  How will you communicate?  With hand motions?  Pantomime?  This afternoon’s challenge will be to create communication cards that you can test out on others.  Maybe you can trade cards with someone else or borrow their ideas to add to your own deck.
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Sunday, July 8 from noon – 4 pm: Art Inspired by Nature
Using only objects found in nature, can you create a work of art?  Be inspired by ARTINA, the museum’s annual sculpture garden created by artists from the Washington Sculptors Group.  The challenge here is not just making use of found objects but it’s also being able to let go of your art because it will gradually decay as nature takes its course.
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