WondeRoom Create Dates

The WondeRoom is a free, dedicated space filled with experiential, hands-on, family-friendly activities that inspire creativity through design based problem solving challenges. Activities in the WondeRoom are inter-generational and require children and their grown-ups to work together!  We prefer that younger participants come from noon – 2 pm and older children from 2 – 4 pm, but all are welcome!

A Collage of YOU!
Sunday, April 7 from noon – 4 pm

What makes you unique? Is it your hobbies? The jokes you tell? The way your hair sticks up when you get out of bed in the morning? Make a collage of yourself that shows your insides and your outsides. Your collage can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, funny or serious, or could even be a collage of the future YOU! There will be lots of cool supplies and lots of ideas to inspire you.

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Big Letter Collages
Sunday, April 21 from noon – 4 pm

Choose from a variety of photos of people, places, and things that mean the most to you to decorate a large-scale letter of your first name! Other beautiful decorative pieces will be available to decorate your letter as well. This activity is led by the Lucky Clover 4H Club.

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Tissue Paper Stained Glass
Sunday, May 19 from noon – 4 pm

Perfect for a sunny day craft. With the help of the Lucky Clover 4H Club, young artists will make an easy and customizable stained-glass window piece. Using tissue paper, construction paper, contact paper and your imagination – create a work of art to bring colorful light to any room.

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Q-Tip Pointillism
Sunday, June 16 from noon – 4 pm

Participants will use tiny dots of color to craft paintings in the style of pointillism. This style was created by French artist, Georges Seurat, who believed color could create mood, harmony and emotion in art by using colors and lines. Tap into your inner artist and tap onto the the paper to create your masterpiece! Members of the Lucky Clover 4H Club will be on hand to help with this project.

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